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Throughout the years I have been writing my level of writing, my style, the genres I work in, and the way I approach new stories has shifted and changed so much I can hardly remember how I started out. I do know that at age 9 I was already creating wild and crazy stories for my own enjoyment and occasionally sharing them with my friends and family.

In the beginning most of my works were simple short stories with giant plot holes, varying tenses, switched between first and third person view, and generally rewrites of a movie/story/game I had decided, in my very young mind, that I could totally rewrite and make a better version of. Over time I realized that making my own stories was ten times better then perfecting someone else’s and that I might just want to pay attention in English class so my older friends and family could actually read my works without getting a migraine trying to make sense of what I wrote.


When I was around eleven or twelve I started role playing. That became the single greatest thing to ever happen to my writing. While I was not a very good role player in the beginning (but honestly who is great at anything when they first start?) I grew in leaps in bounds. One of the main advantages was that I was able to meet so many other aspiring writers and I learned so much from them and over the years I started expanding from short stories to novellas and finally full-fledged novels. Even better then that, though, was the fact that I was able to apply everything I had learned and my plot holes became smaller and smaller while my characters and plots became so much richer and developed.

In ninth grade creative writing I wrote my first novel. I remember the assignment clearly: Write the first 10,000 words of a novel. I took a running joke of a story line between my close knit group of friends and turned it into a serious 36k novel start that blew my teacher away. Even with its errors (I was still young after all) she praised my talents and above any other I believed her when she said that if I kept working at it and practicing I had the potential to be a great writer one day. By the end of that year I had finished that novel and over the summer I finished its sequel.

After those two I switched back to short stories for a while with a major focus being on role playing. More accurately I focused on building characters. Now, if anyone reading this has ever role played on a forum or with pen and paper with friends and knows a bit about character profile building  you might know how much the creative juices get to pumping when you are trying to bring a flat, static character from your head alive on the page and in the minds of others. Honestly, I would be content to spend the rest of my life building characters for people! In fact, two of my current works in progress started off as simply building a character!

294772_143363649188448_799475831_n (1)

Eventually, though, I joined up with Sophia and Rei. With those two, Revival was born. A simple little role play created for the sole purpose of letting us write in our own way without being confined by another persons rules. That was eight years ago. In eight years we went from a simple little private role play with a handful of characters to a full blow novel series with more emotionally rich, developed characters involved in deeper, heart satisfying plots then I could have ever imagined!

We have finally hit out goal of being ready to convert it from RP form to novel form and I don’t think any of us could be more excited. And to top it off I have several works in progress going on that have really started to come together with my more recent surge back into writing.

I know I still have a lot to learn and years before I will be one-fourth satisfied with my writing abilities but for right now? Right now, I’m pretty damned content.

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