In the Works

Kyo has several projects in the works! Some I started a while ago and plan on eventually finishing when the motivation returns and others are more recent stories that are being actively worked on. Here are a few of the ones that I am either actively working on or I am planning on reviving shortly.

Emilia Rosenbaum at the End.

This is a post-apocalyptic drama, because there are not enough of them in the world! Seriously, I know, we already have a million of these books out there and I doubt this one is very original though I tried as best as I could to keep things fresh.

The story revolves around Emilia Rosenbaum, a young woman who wakes in the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic world to find everyone she has ever known or loved dead or missing. Finding herself in a hospital with other comatose patients who had been cared for by a kind hearted nurse. Sadly the nurse has been killed by bandits and Em takes it upon herself to continue caring for the other patients. But the generators are getting low on fuel and the proper supplies to keep the other patients alive are running out. Add to that the dangers of bandits and dangerous people in this new world, how will Emilia find the strength to survive? How long will she want to?

Untitled Series

This is a story that I started a long time ago but thanks to my good pal J.J Ong for recommending Sword Art Online to me, I have a renewed interest in this story and am actively rewriting it. With SAO giving me so much new inspiration and ideas, I have high hopes for it! If you are having trouble imagining the story try combining these. Sword Art Online + Game of Thrones + Dallas (oh the plot twists in that old show) = This untitled series.

In a world where technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams a new form of video gaming has emerged. Realistic Virtual Gaming! Everyone has always imagined it could be real one day and finally the beta testing has been opened! The first 100 men, women, and young adults suit up and pull on the helmets attached to a machine that transports them into a massive online role playing game where after an initial scan of their brains they remember nothing of their life outside of the game after that first plug-in. So while they might log out every day and spend time with their friends and family, in the game they remember none of it. The last they remember of seeing their family was the day they plugged in. Filmed and broadcast as the newest reality show these 100 gamers fight to level up, debate in the courts of their chosen houses, quest to unlock the secrets of the realm, and enjoy the thrill of it all! But it’s soon apparent that some people take the gaming more seriously then others. While death in the game does not effect a person in real life, they are permanently removed from the game. No respawns. When betrayals and plays for power start making themselves known in the game, things get serious quickly. With time moving so much quicker in the game then in the real world and no memories of their friends and family beyond the day they plugged in the months and years bring out the real person hiding in the back of each gamers mind and some days it’s hard to remind themselves. ‘It’s just a game.’


This Cage I Call Home.

This is a story that was inspired by Revival. It is a mafia drama story but much darker, much more violent, and a lot less happy then Revival. It is my own personal guilty pleasure. Let me let you in on a little secret….. I hate happy endings and while that might change by the end of the series, the first three books are set to tear the characters apart and offer them no salvation because while it is inspired by Revival this story is more like its evil counterpart then its happy cousin.

294772_143363649188448_799475831_n (1)


Remember that 8 year long project I was talking about? The one me, Sophia, and Rei are working on? This is it!

As of right now, the main plot is that The Clairvoyants, the Mafia of Canada, has unquestionable authority and none have dared to challenge them. All who have ended up dying, but that still doesn’t stop new gangs/organizations from trying to knock them down. Even the police are making a higher effort to send in Undercover Agents to infiltrate The Clairvoyants and discover what their main agenda is and what all sorts of activities they are really getting into. However, unlike most mafias, The Clairvoyants actually try to keep their fingers out of dirty business ventures as much as possible and help a variety of charitable organizations. The hierarchy is highly structured and organized – everyone’s place clearly highlighted.

However, the main focus isn’t the mafia itself, but the people involved as well as the relationships that they share with each other and with those they deeply care about. It is a story about loyalty, crime, betrayal, love, friendship, family, courage and even intense sorrow. Faith and trust are important with the people in this life as well as those outside of it. It’s a story about the many ups and downs that life often throws our way and how these individuals will face and overcome them.

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