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You thought I was dead huh?

Well I’m not! That’s right! Now that NaNoWriMo has come back around, Kyo is back as well!!!

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a horrible blogger. It’s true. I write for a while then vanish when I have nothing to say and then come back when something interesting is going on and repeat the process over and over again. For some of you it will suck but hey! Look on the bright side, you will never have a blog from me on a random topic of no interest. You are welcome my friends. 

Anyways. As I said, NaNoWriMo is here and for those who don’t know that is National Novel Writing Month and at the end of yesterday, Day 1, I was at 2,222 words. Most of my followers will know what that is and those who paid attention to my previous blogs will know about Ilisrian. Need a refreasher, eh? Okay.

Ilisrian is a novel series set in the future where virtual reality gaming is now true and real. You hook up to a machine and ‘download’ yourself into a game. Think….Avatar but instead of going into a body on another planet you just go into a game….and your not a blue 8 foot tall creature thingy…..

Moving on! Ilisrian is the name of the novel and the game in the novel. It’s a typical mmorpg with monsters and lords and dragons and quests and all that good stuff! The fun part is the people playing the game and that the game is completely unscripted. The players choose the course of the game and what happens. The big evil of the game? Doesn’t exsist. There are monsters, yes, and factions that hate each other but no clear cut views on who is right and who is wrong. That’s up to the players to decide. And the world? Well they are watching the players while they game because if this isn’t the ultimate in reality television what is? 

I’ll be posting updates and tid-bits from the story as I go along but for now I will quote gamer-girl Lacee and say “I hope theres dragons. Lots and lots of dragons!”

Have a great day and Happy Writing!

❤ Kyo


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Mini Update.

I’ve changed my camp nano project. Instead of doing a guide (which is currently 6k of jumbled notes) I’m going to be doing journal/scrolls that are wrote by gamers in the world of Ilasrian.

I just hate not having something to post for you guys to read and learn about the world. Plus, writing about people in the game will help me figure out things about the game so it’s win-win, eh?

Also, two confirmed races for the world. The Kinyth and the Ilisirn. The Ilisirn being the founding race of Ilisrian and of a elven-esque type (but done my way cause standard elves are cliche but if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it) and the Kinyth being of animal bonded decent (essentially the original pet class of the world).

I should have a scroll up for you by tomorrow! Have a good day and happy writing!

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The world of Ilasrian is coming alive!

As Camp Nanowrimo progresses and time goes by my word count is limited but my world has grown huge. Though it took a while as I got caught up on the technical aspects of the game and the mechanics. Luckily I found a fellow writer who also happened to be a gamer on the nano forums and she and I began debating ideas back and forth and helped me work through a lot of my questions and uncertainties.

One of the things I was caught up on was respawning. I originally wanted absolutely no respawning. If you died in the game that was it. Game OVER! However, she helped me see that while I, as a hardcore gamer, would simply take that to mean ‘get your head on straight and play smart, bia-bia,’ the casual gamer might be thrown off of playing it even if it is the first ever full immersion virtual game. However, I wanted the risk to be high to discourage impulsive actions and to make the tension of a high class battle mean something. If the character can just respawn then their death means nothing.

So we came up with the soul binding towers. (They will not be called that in the story but I’m not up to naming them at the moment. ^.^) You see, few and far between in the land of Ilasrian are the great towers (or orbs, or alters, or something but we shall refer to them as towers for now) that a player can bind their soul to. By bind I mean they save. If they fall in battle their body and all items/equipment they had at their save point are ‘absorbed’ back into Ilasrian and they are reborn at their save point. Sound simple enough, right?

‘But Kyo, that’s still respawning and takes away the thrill and danger of the fight!’

Wrong! Two points. One: A player can not save/bind their soul at the same tower twice in a row. If they bind at Tower 1 the next save HAS to be at a different tower. And they are, as I said, few and far between so their is risk of traveling to the next tower but they have to if they wish to save again. They can only return to Tower 1 after they have saved somewhere else. So they run the risk of saving at level 10, getting almost to Tower 2 and dying at level 24 before they reached the next tower. (Towers may or may not be closer/farther apart).

‘But I still don’t see the risk, Kyo!’

Give me a minute! Okay the big ‘oh shit’ factor? Respawns are not unlimited. You only get so many (2-5 dependent on race/class) So if you only have 3 rebirths and die three times? Your character is dead. Done. Gone Forever.

How’s that for the big risk?

Now I am still working on one aspect. When a person starts the game their brain is scanned and all their memories, knowledge, and essentially everything they are is scanned into their new character/avatar. While they play their character is only able to retain the knowledge and memories they had on that initial scan and what happens in the game. So all the breaks the players take where they leave the game world and spend time with their friends, have a nice hot shower, crack open a cold beer and watch the game? When they are in the game they won’t remember those moments. So say you play the game for a year. Your real self will remember the game and your real life. When you are in the game though you will only remember the game world. When you are in the game you have no knowledge that you ever left and that helps drive the nail in the coffin of ‘this might be a game but it’s my world now’. That, my friends, is going to cause some VERY interesting things to happen to our dear players throughout their adventure.

A few people have listened to me go back and forth about races and no, I still have not decided yet, but I do know their will be multiple races. How many? No clue! But at least three. What I am going to try and do differently though is intermingling the races. None of this (humans live here, elves live there, dwarfs over yonder, and all humans are alike, all elves are alike, ect) the races are going to be living together. Their might be isolated villages here and their but in Ilasrian the races live and work together.

The races are not all the same either. The nature/animal bound race of the forest will have different cultures, morals, and way of being then the nature/animal bound race of the mountains. Hell, even in the forest their might be several different cultures within a single race. Just like all us humans here on earth.

That leads me to the next decision I made. The big bad? The major quest? The evil that needs to be vanquished? Doesn’t exist! Not in this game! Oh there are quests and trust me there are plots and things going on but who is evil? Who is good? What is the right thing to do? What is the wrong path to choose? No one knows, especially the players. That, my friends, is something we are all going to have to learn along the way. And what we learn might just surprise us.

Have a good day and Happy Writing!

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Camp Nanowrimo is right around the bend!

Are you guys as pumped as I am for NaNoWrimo to start? I am and am not tackling a project as big as last time. This time around I am handling two different projects. The one is the work on Revival: Rise of the Black Dragon, as I have mentioned in previous posts, as well as the 50 short stories challenge.

Now, I have not exactly figured out what I will be doing those short stories on as in; Will they be centered around Revival characters? Will they revolve around characters in my solo novel series? Will they be unrelated, random stories? I haven’t decided! But I will let you guys know and I promise to be more active on here during the month and I will be posting a lot of writing Excerpts or full short stories so you guys will have something to read.

But enough about me! What about you guys? Are you doing Nano? Are you planning or pantsing? What genre are you aiming for? Is it something new to you or something familiar? Leave a comment and lets talk about it! There are almost 50 of you guys but not much interaction here. Lets change that!!

As always, have a good day and happy writing!!

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This Cage I Call Home: A Liquid Kiss novel.


Everyone views the mafia as a violent group whose members are equally as violent and destructive. They are not all like that, though. Sometimes, the violence and danger are just hazards of the jobs. Sometimes, the people are actually really good people and sometimes the ‘mafia’ is actually working for the good of man.

Liquid Kiss follows the life of several members of the Clairvoyant crime syndicate. A group that, yes, deals in drugs, weapons, and the occasional blood battle, but ultimately hopes to see the world a safer place. Follow the lives of the men and women working towards that goal as they live with the dangers of the job, the emotional struggle to find the line of right and wrong, and the mental stress of knowing each day the wake up might be their last.

‘This Cage I Call Home’ focus’ on the lives of members of the Los Angeles branch of the Clairvoyants. Avery Groff is the daughter of the current leader of Clairvoyants: L.A struggling to find her own footing in the family business with her advisor and closest friend Nicolas Brooks also working to make a name for himself outside of his fathers shadow. Then there are the Dimitryev’s. Micah and Aiden were taken in by Trenton Lawson when they were just young boys and raised into a life of crime. With his older brother becoming a successful night club owner and straying farther and farther from the nitty gritty of the underworld life, Aiden is fighting, quite literally, to make sure he is not forgotten and left behind. Add to all their personal struggles and growing is the danger lurking around the corner that threatens to swallow them all darkness.

Who will survive? Who will thrive? No one knows and it might just be none of them. But that’s the chance you take in Liquid Kiss.

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