A Trip Into A Fantasy World! Or is it a gaming world? What is it??

I know, I know! I promised to be better about updating this blog more often but hey! It’s only been a week this time! So, wanna know what I’ve been up to? Do you? You don’t? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyways.

As some of you may know I’ve restarted work on the fantasy gaming world that I once attempted then tossed aside. With Revival being set aside for the moment so the other authors and I can concentrate on our solo work I have been able to throw myself completely into this project and I am loving the results. Notebooks full of information and notes and creatures and races and all sorts of fun stuff!

This is a whole new ballpark for me, this world of writing fantasy. I’ve said it before but my normal area is in realistic settings. Modern times with modern people. Now I’m writing in a mix of a fantasy world that is actually a video gaming world that is set in a futuristic world! It’s all sorts of crazy and I’m loving every moment.

The only difficult parts I have encountered so far are the things that separate a fantasy world in a novel from the world of a gaming companies creation. In a fantasy world you want everything to feel real. All of the settings, the creatures, the races, real! Where as in a gaming world you know it is not all real and can have fun with things. The trouble is making sure that while the gaming world can be fun and feel like a ‘game’ that the story and plot of the people in the world remain real. I think I have a good handle on it but we shall see.

Let me end this with a question to you guys. What is your comfort zone in writing? What genre or theme are you most comfortable writing in? Are you a mystery writer who gets lost trying to throw in romance? Are you a science fiction thriller writer who flounders like a fish out of water in a medieval comedy story? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

As always, Have a good day and happy writing!

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