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Fun Fact #2

Fun Fact #2.

Here is a re-blog for you guys from my new co-blog with my fellow Revival writers. Just a little blurb about our history since the eight years of Revival’s of our series’ birth!

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Things are looking up!

The new project is up and running! Ya’ll want to check it out? The link will be down yonder near the bottom of this post. It’s taken a bit of work and still has some work to do as we wait for our third author to get off her bum and hop to it ^.^ but other then that it is ready to go, long before the july camp is ready to start. 

We plan on using the July camp as a HUGE push in the transcribing department. So far, our plans are to have the ebook ready for publication by Christmas and the hardback novels ready for printing at the ring in of the new year!

What about you guys though? Are any of you doing the July camp? Or do you have a big project you are currently working on or planning out? Let me know!

And as always. Have a good day and happy writing!

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Long time no post!

Hey all! Been a while since I wrote here. Sorry but things got really hectic with me after camp ended. I am on to (not) new and bigger projects now! What I’m talking about is a project myself and my co-writer Daisuke have been working on for 8 years. Oh yes, EIGHT years in the making and it is all finally coming to fruition! I am so excited to share it with you guys but we are not quite ready to reveal its blog site yet but I know you guys will (hopefully) love it when we get it done.





Mafia / Gangs










Plot twists



If you are a fan of any of these things you are going to enjoy what we have to offer! I will keep you guys posted on it!

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