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Camp Nano: Day Who-knows

Things have been rocky in my writing. I hit 19k and not only did I stall out but I crashed and burned. This story…. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the characters, I love the setting, but it’s just. not. working.

I’m really not sure what I’m going to do but I know pressing on is not an option. I just can not force myself to write something I know I am going to hate. For now, I’m going to take a day or two completely away from the story, and try to come back with fresh eyes and see if anything can be salvaged. 

So far, I’m thinking of splitting it up. I like all the characters individual stories but trying to do them all at once is what is killing the story. So maybe I will split the series up again and instead of doing it plot by plot I will do it character storyline by character storyline. 

What do you guys think? Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

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Camp Nano: Day Nine

So, I wrote exactly zero words today. I’m not upset over it though. Work was long and hard and Kyo was exhausted by the time she got home. I’ll make it up later this week though, so I refuse to stress over it. 

How is your camp going? Everything I am seeing in you guys’ blogs are amazing and my cabin mates are doing fantastic! MellyBeans his 17.5k today and I was cheering so loud for her! Ya’ll are amazing. Keep it up! Good night and happy writing!

Since I have no excerpt to give you guys, have a picture of my other puppy. His name is Daryl ‘Super Saiyan’ Dixon. ^.^


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Excerpt from Chapter 3.

“This is so fucking boring!”

Whining the statement out for the third time in ten minutes, Kaiden groaned and paused the television before flopping backwards on the couch he was sitting on. Thanks to his injury Trenton had put him on leave from fighting and training. All he was allowed to do was walking on the treadmill and watching fight tapes while the rest of the group got to go about their normal training regime.


“I don’t need my arm to practice my kicks or to run! Just sitting here is driving me crazy!”


“Kai, seriously? It’s been 2 hours.” Akai could not help but laugh at his friends antics. The other man was seriously not good at sitting still and had to much energy to be confined to the private training room at the back of the Cage.

“Two hours that I’m going to be repeating six hours a day for a week!”

“Two weeks if you keep it up, shit head. Now get back to watching those videos,” they heard Trenton yell from the next room over where the (fight levels) held their training and workout sessions.


Kaiden and Akai silently looked at each other. Akai tipped his head towards the direction his adoptive fathers voice had come from and arched one brow up in askance. Kaiden immediately nodded and held up his hand, fingers curled into a fist. Steadily he flicked one finger after the other up and when he held three up both boys yelled out, “Yes dad!”

The expected curse and threats of bodily damage if they ever called him that came flying through loud enough it was hard to believe their was a wall separating them from the man. This, of course, caused both boys to erupt into laughter as Akai joined Kaiden on the couch and they obediently turned the video back on so they could study them.

The silent study of the fighters on the film lasted for an impressive ten minutes before Kaiden started fidgeting again. “Stupid fucking Jeremy and his stupid fucking knife.” A pout formed on his lips as he scratched lightly at the bandage surrounding his upper arm and shoulder.

One of the good things about the twist the fight had taken was that Jeremy had been suspended from the Cage for a month and threatened with a permanent bad if he ever tried anything like that again, no matter who his sponsor was. Yes, they might be underground fighters and yes they might enjoy the occasional blood fest when a fight spiraled out of control but to deliberately walk into the ring with the intention of stabbing someone was not only frowned upon but reason to be dismissed from their position and stripped of their right to fight there. After all, the fighters knew their were risks when fighting underground but the Cage was supposed to be a safer place for them to do so then some back alley or poorly lit shack.

“Hopefully the Handler gets tired of cleaning up his messes and cuts him loose. Without him, Jeremy has no footing to stand on and Trenton can toss his ass out.”

“One can only hope.”

 Just then the door to the lounge opened and they both looked behind them to see Liam walking in. “Yo!” Kaiden tossed towards the man and he raised his hand in a wave of a greeting as he tossed his gym bag on to the floor behind the couch. “How’s the arm?”

Shrugging a little he waved at it in exasperation, “Aching but nothing I can’t handle.”

“Sorry, bro,” the sandy haired man said with a guilt laced voice, “If I had known what he was up to I wouldn’t have tried to pull Chris and D off of him.”

Shaking his head he sent the other a beaming smile, “Don’t worry about it. You didn’t know. Jeremy can be a sneaky little shit but he’s never done anything like this before. No one could have known. Chris and D just wanted a chance to land some blows on him, that’s why they jumped in.”

Feeling a bit of his guilt ease up he motioned to the tv with a questioning look and Akai snickered as he pat his friends leg in a very patronizing way. “Since little Raptor is laid up Trenton has him studying videos from underground fights and mixed martial arts fights.”

Sucking in a sympathetic breath he shook his head and muttered, “Better you then me,” before grabbing his bag again and heading towards the locker room in the back.

“Okay, I’m so over this. Wanna go grab some lunch? We can call up Av and see if she wants to join us?”

“And by join,” Akai started as he stretched his hands over his head to loosen his muscles, “you mean pay, I assume?”

Opening his mouth in feigned shock Kaiden shook his head and placed his hand over his heart, “You dare assume I would take advantage of the fact that our darling friend has more money then she could spend in three lifetimes? I am appalled!” Then he grinned and delivered a kick to the back of his friends leg. “Now go change while I call her and figure out how to sneak out of here without Trenton seeing.”

“Good look with that. He has ‘daddy vision’ when it comes to us.”

With that he trailed after Liam to the locker room, pausing only a second to laugh loudly when he heard Trenton screaming, “I fucking heard that!” from the next room.


Remember, it is camp so the errors in this are many! 

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Camp Nano: Day 8

First off, look at my puppy. Isn’t he such a spoiled queen. *pets him*

Chugging along here at Camp Nano. Not going great, not going bad. Just kinda on an average playing field I guess. I’m a couple thousand words behind but I hit 11.5k today so I am decently satisfied. I had a lot of fun writing today’s chapter and I would write more if my head wasn’t pounding. Stupid spring and the sudden increase in pollen!

But, since things are now coming a bit easier and the words are flowing better, I have no doubt I will be able to catch up relatively quickly. Especially with the marathon coming up. How many of you are doing that? For me its from 1pm to 9pm and I will have to miss the first hour to hour and a half due to prior events being scheduled that I can’t weasel my way out of but its all good. I complain about it but I think a day out on the trails with the horses will do me some good. And I will be writing with my mum and while she doesn’t really enjoy my writing style (stupid moms and their love of pure romance novels) she makes for a great help since she is happy to help me bounce ideas around and figure out scenes when I can’t wrap my head around it.

Anyways, that is all for today. I’m off to bed now! Good night and happy writing!


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A Tidbit from Chapter Two just for you!

It was a boring chapter but here is a little from it. I need a name for Fox and Sarah’s baby! Any suggestions?


“Marcus? Want to run drills in the maze?”


The question came from Robert, leader of the Beta Strike Team, and Marcus nodded with a wide grin. “Sure. It’s been a while since we wiped the floor with you guys.” A cry of mock rage flew up from the members of Roberts team and cheers from his own and he laughed merrily before clapping the other man on the shoulder and heading towards his men to suit up.


The maze was one of the best investments that Marcus had convinced the syndicate to allow them to have. During the remodeling of the basement to convert it to an extra training room, they had discovered a tunnel that led to an underground maze of tunnels and rooms. When it had first been discovered, Marcus took a team to explore it and they were amazed at the amount of room down there. It ran for several miles in all directions and it did not take long at all to seal it off from any other access point. Once that was done, the boys and girls of the Strikers had their very own battle field.


One they put to use all the time to build team communications and run drills for raids and strikes. Armed with laser guns and special vests to monitor their vitals and calculate the effects of being ‘shot’ they were able to very accurately simulate actual battles. The first team in would be the home team, fighting to defend their base, while the second team played the strike force, trying to take the base over. Not only was it effective training that had helped prep their younger members or new team members without the risk of actual battle, but Marcus would be the first to admit it was a lot of fun.


Alex handed him a vest as he approached and he as he strapped it on he glanced around at his team, his brows knitting together when he only counted 9 people. “Where’s Fox?” The rest of the guys shrugged and he immediately pulled out his phone to call the missing man. Fox was one of members who had been with them the longest. He had been running with the Gunmen doing security detail for the black market and joined Marcus and Alex when they started training to apply for the Elites. When Marcus had made it to the rank of Commander and was told to form his Alpha Strike Team, Fox was right up there with Alex in the ranks of people he knew he absolutely wanted.


The phone rang twice in his hand before it was picked up and he received a quick, “Sarah’s in labor. I’ll call later,” Before he was listening to a dial tone. His grin grew even wider and he turned to see the rest of his men watching him expectantly. “Sarah’s in labor!”


Cheers went through the whole team at the news and talk immediately flared up about getting their hands on cigars and whiskey. An immediate vote was put forth to cancel the drill and it passed with no opposing votes. They might take their training seriously but a new life was something they all treasured and they knew exactly how important to Fox and Sarah this was. After 3 miscarriages this baby was a miracle in and of itself and the members of the A.S.T wanted to be there to celebrate this moment with their brother in arms.


“Alex and I will stop and grab the cigars and whiskey. You guys get down to the hospital before Fox stresses himself out and collapses.” Marcus ordered with a laugh as he pulled off the vest he had just pulled on. 

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Camp Nano – Day Six

Well today went pretty smoothly. I had a huge hang up trying to figure out the mobs hierarchy and was ready to pull my hair out but luckily my mother came to the rescue! *3 cheers* and I was able to figure it all out. Sadly, today’s writing was all boring. A slow chapter describing the ranks and setting the system up but it was a needed evil and the plot could not go forward without having that there. It’s over now though so tomorrow we can get back to the fun stuff!

I’m sitting just a little over 8k and while I’m fretting trying to hit 12.5k by tomorrow night, I think it is a possibility so I’m not out of the game yet *flexes muscles….errr…fingers?*

Anyways! I also had an adventure in a horse getting lose, breaking and then fixing my front door, going on a hay run with my mother in which we broke the curse of the hierarchy and she decided I am mentally unstable because I have literal conversations with my characters in my head and she thinks that means I am not normal. What do you guys think? Do you treat your characters as if they are real? Do you talk to them? Do they feel real enough to you that they actually surprise you with their reactions and thoughts on certain things? Do you constantly want to strangle them because Kaiden cannot decide how he wants his plot to end and keeps changing his freaking mind?!?! 

Let me know! Peace out and pens up!

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Camp – Day 5. Updates and new chat.

It is Day 5. Not a lot to share. I finally finished Chapter One. >.< I’m about 6k into the story and still have no idea where it is going BUT it is going. The ideas keep flowing in as I write so I am actually fairly okay with not knowing the plot since the plot is steadily flowing in as I write. 

For those who run on word wars, a new chat has been made that is dedicated completely to wars and sprints. I know the main nano chat hosts wars a lot but they get so mixed up and jumbled in the regular/non-nano chat that it can get a little flustering.

Here is the link if anyone would like to join us there. 

That is pretty much all for now. I will post again later and give you guys some updates on the story itself. For now I am off to try and get another couple hundred words in before lunch. Good luck and happy writing!

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Camp Nano -Day 3 (mini update)

Well, my boss screwed my team over today so we have the day off without pay. It blows but I gave up trying to care. I’ll get even with him somehow. *grabs the super glue*

Anyways, writing is a little better today. I haven’t wrote a lot yet. I think I’m sitting on about 864 words at the moment but it’s only 2:40pm so I still have a lot of time. The word count might not be good but my muse is starting to be slightly nice to me so writing is not as hard as yesterday. I’m slogging through the crap I wrote yesterday and hoping to leave it behind me. Luckily the scene I am working on right now involves the first scene of my two favorite characters alone together for the first time so I get to write Kaiden being all romantic and lovey-dovey while Nicolas pretends to be in denial. I love it.

I’ll update you at the end of the day. Hopefully I will still be in a good mood!

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Camp Nano – Day 2

Well, today I wrote 1k of words that I completely and totally hate. I would seriously be tempted to delete it all if I didn’t think it would be impossible to rewrite and get back on my word count goal in time since I already know the intro/prologue chapter is probably also going to be ripped out once I am finished and ready to polish it.

Not sure what is going on. I think it is just a bad day for me and my brain is taking it out on my writing. I’m walking away from my computer under my daily word count goal with the hopes that tomorrow will be a better day and I will either not hate the writing that much or be able to power through it and force myself to continue anyways. 

It’s all sucktastic but I will leave you with a little bit of it anyways because, hey! Why the fuck not?

The little blonde haired, hazel eyed whirlwind known as Avery smiled and gave him a quick greeting before heading off towards the kitchen. Nicolas shook his head and stepped in as well and waited for the other man to close the door before the two of them made their way into the adjacent room to join the others.

“You guys missed a great fight last night,” Akai said as he poked Avery in the cheek. “I kicked ass and Kai got stabbed!” He informed the three who had missed the fight in nothing short of absolute delight.

Avery gasped and whirled around from where she had been helping flip pancakes. “Is he okay? Where is he? Why didn’t anyone call us?” she questioned as fear for her friend flooded through her. They might take the fighting and violence lightly and brush off their injuries as ‘scars for the future’ but she could not help but worry each and every time.

Emily was quick to calm her fears though as she pat the girls arm reassuringly. “He caught a blade to the upper arm but it was not to bad. No major damage and he should heal up just fine in a few weeks. Though,” she said with a shake of her head as she scooped the eggs she was cooking from the frying pan and onto a plate, “if I know him as well as I know I do, he’s going to ignore my advice to rest it and be back to training in a week.”

“And we wanted to call you but Kai wouldn’t let us. He knew you had a date last night and didn’t want to interrupt.”

“A date? With who? Where? Why didn’t you tell us?” Marcus spoke up from the table and Avery glanced over to find not only Marcus but Alec and Micah watching her with the utmost attention.


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Day One of Camp Nanowrimo

Well, day one is done and over with for me. I got off to a really rocky start and a pretty shaky idea of what I was doing but luckily a series of word wars and sprints forced me to stop thinking about it and just write. 

I did not hit my 7k goal for day one but I did hit 3,043. It’s kind of upsetting but considering I still have no clue where this plot is going I think it is pretty okay. Hopefully things will pick up more tomorrow! Hoping for that other 4k tomorrow. If I can pump out one more complete chapter and have a better grasp on where everything is going, I will be happy. 

And now I leave you with a little bit of what I wrote today. 




As a head of floppy brown hair came into view he cheered and clapped along with the crowd. Even though he was waving and bouncing on his feet in excitement Akai could tell his friend was nervous. The way his blue eyes kept bouncing to and from the different entrances to the pit that and occasionally darting towards the entrances to the hallways that led to the fighters private lounges. The poor kid was so paranoid it was an absolutely hysterical sight! Call him a bad friend for thinking it, if you must, but it is exactly what Kaiden deserved since the asshole had know Akai was going to get jumped and kept the information to himself in the sake of ‘honoring tradition.’

‘Well,’ Akai thought with a snicker as Kaiden’s opponent, a slightly older and more experienced fighter named Liam, entered the ring, ‘Tradition is about to whoop your ass, my friend!’


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