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This Cage I Call Home: A Liquid Kiss novel.


Everyone views the mafia as a violent group whose members are equally as violent and destructive. They are not all like that, though. Sometimes, the violence and danger are just hazards of the jobs. Sometimes, the people are actually really good people and sometimes the ‘mafia’ is actually working for the good of man.

Liquid Kiss follows the life of several members of the Clairvoyant crime syndicate. A group that, yes, deals in drugs, weapons, and the occasional blood battle, but ultimately hopes to see the world a safer place. Follow the lives of the men and women working towards that goal as they live with the dangers of the job, the emotional struggle to find the line of right and wrong, and the mental stress of knowing each day the wake up might be their last.

‘This Cage I Call Home’ focus’ on the lives of members of the Los Angeles branch of the Clairvoyants. Avery Groff is the daughter of the current leader of Clairvoyants: L.A struggling to find her own footing in the family business with her advisor and closest friend Nicolas Brooks also working to make a name for himself outside of his fathers shadow. Then there are the Dimitryev’s. Micah and Aiden were taken in by Trenton Lawson when they were just young boys and raised into a life of crime. With his older brother becoming a successful night club owner and straying farther and farther from the nitty gritty of the underworld life, Aiden is fighting, quite literally, to make sure he is not forgotten and left behind. Add to all their personal struggles and growing is the danger lurking around the corner that threatens to swallow them all darkness.

Who will survive? Who will thrive? No one knows and it might just be none of them. But that’s the chance you take in Liquid Kiss.

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A snippet/tid-bit with two of the characters from ‘Revival’. They have such an odd relationship but it works for them. The freaks. o.O

Azumi looked up from where she was stapping on her harness, listening to her instructor give her last minute tips and reminders on what to do once she jumped from the plane. She tuned him out though as she walked over to meet Kazuya as he approached, smoke hanging from his lips.

“You came after all.” She said softly, happily.

“I’m looking forward to watching you splatter all over the ground.” He said lightly as he brought his hand up to cup her cheek and rub his thumb lovingly across the smooth skin.

Azumi smiled as she turned and pressed a kiss into his palm and stared up at him with shining eyes, “I’ll haunt you ’till the day you keel over, you bastard.”

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Kyo is a lot of things. Sane ain’t one of them!

So Kyo has never done this blogging thing before so she will be very horrible at it, no doubt. However, she will keep doing this for the sake of having something to do! She will also be using this as a dumping ground for her rants, raves, stories, plots, characters, and other writing related things that she has no where else to put!

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