About Kyo


Hello there!

My name is Kyo Osborne and I am a 24 year old amateur writer. I have been writing since I was about nine years old and while I have taken breaks from it for months at a time it is both a hobby and love of mine that I always return to. A life without writing is not one I even want to try imagining.

Besides writing my favorite pastimes also include video gaming, listening to music, reading, watching Japanese Dramas / Movies, and pretty much anything that catches my fancy. I am very easily entertained and my interests span all over the place. From live streaming my video gaming/hanging out with my other streaming buddies to jamming out to music at all times (I literally have my headphones in my ears at all times), going ghost hunting with my spook pal, and harassing the general population there is hardly ever a dull moment in my life!

On another note, have a few more facts about me! I have currently live with my mother, her husband, and my little sister. Yes, I know! ’24 and living at home??’ It’s sad but the economy in Georgia is just not very good for trying to be out on my own. At least here I can help out with the farm and the rescues. We run a horse rescue but we take in everything from horses, goats, dogs, cats, and whatever needs a safe haven. Personally I have two dogs. A 5 year old blue pit named Lonoh and a 4 month old chi-a-pom named Super Saiyan.

That’s pretty much all Kyo can think to tell you guys but if you have any questions or want to know more about me just let me know! I am happy to answer almost any question you have. If not, I hope you enjoy yourself here on Kyo’s Mad Scribblings! Good Day and Happy Writing!

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One thought on “About Kyo

  1. Thanks, Kyo,
    for liking my last post. Please come on back and comment on it because your choice will help with the next post. It’s comments that’ll decide that topic.

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